Monday, September 29, 2014

Need a Healthy and Delicious Dinner?!

Eggplant Rolls

tbsp Coconut Oil or Extra Virgin Olive Oil
2 Eggplant
1-2 cups Spinach
2 cups Ricotta Cheese
A Sprinkle of Nutmeg or Cinnamom (I also added fresh thyme and garlic powder—Add whatever you think would taste delicious! J)
1 large jar of tomato sauce or a batch of homemade!
Palm full of Breadcrumbs
2 tbsp Parmesan Cheese

Step 1
Heat oven to 400F
Start by chopping the ends off of your eggplant and slice long-ways so that you have around 5-6 slices from each. Brush with oil, sprinkle with salt and pepper and place in the oven for 10 minutes. Once they're done, set aside. Keep the oven on at the same temperature for later!

Step 2
Pour boiling water over the spinach for it to wilt. Then set aside.

Step 3
In a large ceramic baking dish, pour a thin layer of tomato sauce into the dish, just enough to cover the surface.

Step 4
Mix the ricotta cheese and seasoning.
Spoon roughly one tablespoon amount of the ricotta mixture about 3/4 of the way up the eggplant slice and roll it up.

Step 5
Place the seal side down into the dish. Do this with all the rolls until the dish is full.

Step 6
Place the spinach around the rolls, sprinkle with salt and pepper then pour more tomato sauce on top.

Step 7
Sprinkle the breadcrumbs and parmesan cheese on top!

Step 8
Bake in the oven for 20-25 minutes—take out when the top is looking golden!

This recipe is inspired by Niomi Smart, a UK lifestyle blogger! She has a few other recipes on her blog if you would like so check her out! 

I hope you enjoy!
Anna Katherine xx

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Time to Exfoliate!

Clearly I haven’t been the best at keeping up with my blog but I have a list of items I’ve tried and want to share, recipes I’ve created and lifestyle tips I can’t wait to write about.

This summer I have focused on my health. I’ve always been on the healthy side of the spectrum when it comes to consuming food and in high school I was very active but when college rolled around I became quite lazy. When classes were over all I wanted to do was take a nap or watch television with my roommates. Now that college is over I can’t have an excuse not to exercise, this is the youngest I’ll be and this is the time to create healthy habits and body image.

New exercise habits and living in the southeast equals sweat and buckets of it.  Not only am I covered with sweat and dead gnats after a run, I’m pretty sure I’ve inhaled quite a few as well.  Sweat and dead bugs clearly create build up on my skin and I noticed my normal exfoliant wasn’t cutting it. When I don’t exfoliate my skin breaks out more easily due to the build up of oils and dead skin cells, looks dull and my acne scars are more prominent. When I first heard that most scrubs can cause microscopic tears in the skin I switched over to more expensive products but not only did I burn a hole in my pocket but my face wasn’t happy with these products. Yes, they made my face smooth but that’s about it. I wanted one that makes my skin feel fresh, clean and fights blemishes, evens out my skin tone and fades acne scars. I’m well aware that’s quite a list for one product but that is the purpose of exfoliating and after trying scrubs from Origins all the way to Michael Todd True Organics, the scrub I recently fell back in love with is St. Ives Blemish Control Apricot Scrub. I used this product back in high school, rarely had breakouts and now it accomplishes everything I want.  I really enjoy the smell and it feels amazing on my face after a sweaty workout. I also use it on my shoulders and chest. It has reduced the appearance of acne scars and limits the amount of breakouts.
St. Ives Blemish Control Apricot Scrub benefits include:
-       100% Natural Exfoliants
-       Paraben Free
-       Oil Free
-       2% Salicylic acid
-       Dermatologist tested
-       Hypoallergenic
It contains corn kernel meal and walnut. Always exfoliate with gentle circular motions to prevent redness and microscopic tears. If you want a scrub that is less abrasive, I recommend products with rice starch or jojoba beads!

What are some of your favorite face scrubs? 

Monday, July 21, 2014

Suja and Kombucha!

Since the forth of July my eating has consisted of takeout, veggie noodles, wine and more takeout.  When I eat poorly I feel sluggish and have no motivation to workout and tend to sleep way more. I had enough of feeling this way after 2 weeks and I’m ready to reset my healthy habits and kick the cravings for pizza, cupcakes, chocolate and every indulgent treat out there. For the next few days I will be drinking Suja and Kombucha juice, eating fruits, vegetables and clean meals. For me, I find being strict and feeding my body what it needs and not what it “wants” for a couple of days helps me feel better, stronger and more energized!

You might be wondering, what are Suja and Kombucha?

Suja, which means Long Beautiful Life, is a company that was created in San Diego and is becoming the fastest and growing cold pressed beverage company in the United States.  All of their juices are certified organic, non-GMO and Kosher, If you want to read more about this company check out their website and story here!

Kombucha contains organic acids, active enzymes, amino acids and polyphenol antioxidants, which improves digestion, immunity, joint function and helps the body cleanse. If you want to read more or check out their website, here. My favorite flavor is Guava Goddess J these juices have a very tart flavor and I find them very refreshing! They seem to wake up all my senses!

What are your favorite ways to hop back on the healthy lifestyle wagon? 

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Beauty Foods for a Happy and Healthy Summer!

Hello Everyone!

We are rounding the corner to summer, and do you know what that means? Delicious fruits, vegetables, melons and fresh creations to feed your body! Consuming nutritious food not only fights against illness, but gives the body energy, balances the pH levels, and lets beauty shine through silky hair, strong nails, hydrated skin and a fresh face.

When I consume “super foods”, I not only notice a difference in the way I feel but my skin tone evens out, blemishes clear up, dark circles lessen, nails and hair become stronger and I just seem to have a healthy glow. I wanted to share some of my favorite super foods that enhance beauty, so all my readers can have a happy healthy summer!

-       Kale: full of nutrients, antioxidants, loaded with vitamins that help prevent cancer, keep your eyes healthy and help rid the body of toxins. With a low calorie count and high in fiber its delicious in smoothies, salads and even cooked.

-       Quinoa: This has been climbing in popularity recently and for good reason. Quinoa is a seed, but tastes and cooks very similar to grain. It is great for vegetarians or individuals who want to limit their meat intake because a serving of quinoa is a complete protein. It is very high in nutrients containing iron, magnesium and vitamin B2, which all help with brain function, metabolism and energy.

-       Spinach: I love spinach it contains lutein, which helps keep your eyes beautiful and healthy!

-       Tomatoes: They are great for summer because they protect the skin from damaging UV rays from the sun. They also help prevent cancers like, stomach, pancreatic, ovarian and prostate.

-       Blueberries: These are the #1 food, loaded with antioxidants that help prevent damage to your skin which can help create a brighter, wrinkle free complexion.

-       Chia Seeds: Are tasteless, but contain omega 3 fatty acids which help with brain function, strengthen your hair and nails and create a glowing complexion. Toss them into a smoothie, yogurt, or even into your juice!

-       Avocados: Avocados are amazing for not only eating, but as a face or hair mask. They contain healthy fats that help the body get rid of stored fat, especially in the belly region. They contain vitamins C,K and B6.

-       Coconut oil: Is another beauty must have, not only to consume but as a hair mask, makeup remover, moisturizer etc. It contains healthy fats that the body can metabolize efficiently, creating energy and never storing it in your body.

-       Kombucha: This is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE. It is a probiotic drink fermented from cultured bacteria and yeast. Sounds disgusting right? It is absolutely delicious, but if you are not a fan of vinegar you might not like this. Some flavors contain a stronger vinegar taste than others but my favorite is Gingerade, it is very gingery and lemony, very refreshing. Probiotics are very important because they let the body store healthy bacteria in your gut, which helps with digestion, strengthen your immune system and increase energy levels. If you don’t like kombucha, you can by supplements for this.


Watermelon, radish and Avocado Tacos are one of my favorite go to meals in the summer. Sounds interesting, right? I was skeptical when I first discovered it a few years ago, but I made it for my family and they loved it! The recipe can be found here at,  Real Girls Kitchen.

This is a blog run by Hayley Duff, the older sister of Hilary Duff. She also has a Real Girls Kitchen Cookbook that came out in October. All the recipes are very unique, simple and your tummy with thank you!

For Easter, I made this into a salad and it was a hit! It is very versatile, colorful and different!

I hope you enjoy! Have a healthy and Delicious Summer!

Anna xx

What I’m listening to: Beat of the Music, by: Brett Eldredge
Its very Nashville of me, I know but this song is great to blast with the windows down on a gorgeous sunny day! :)

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Benefit Big Easy Liquid to Powder SPF 35 Foundation

Growing up I never really used foundation. I don’t like my face being shiny, feeling suffocated or dirty and I especially don’t like when it is not an exact color match.

Now that I am older and developing dark circles, uneven skin tone and more blemishes, I really do need a foundation that corrects these issues without clogging my pores or being to heavy while it’s summer. I’m a really laid back girl and if I choose to have a lazy day I want something that’s super simple to apply and easy to blend.

I haven’t found one yet that feels like I’m not wearing makeup until now.

Benefit Cosmetics: The Big Easy Liquid to Powder SPF 35 Foundation fits everything I want. It is a multi-balancing complexion perfector, which helps balance moisture and controls oil while having a lightweight velvety finish that self-adjusts to your skin shade.

I love this product, and it's "Bigger than BB formula". I have dabbled with different BB creams that come in only one shade which is disappointing, but this foundation has a wide range of colors, which is great especially during this time of year when the seasons are changing and most will be spending more time in the sun! It blends very well with my bronzer and blush, doesn’t create a “cakey” finish and looks very natural with a light/medium coverage. I absolutely adore that it’s SPF 35, it is higher than other foundations and BB creams which is perfect for summer!

On a more girly note, I really enjoy the packaging. 

Anna Katherine xx