Monday, July 21, 2014

Suja and Kombucha!

Since the forth of July my eating has consisted of takeout, veggie noodles, wine and more takeout.  When I eat poorly I feel sluggish and have no motivation to workout and tend to sleep way more. I had enough of feeling this way after 2 weeks and I’m ready to reset my healthy habits and kick the cravings for pizza, cupcakes, chocolate and every indulgent treat out there. For the next few days I will be drinking Suja and Kombucha juice, eating fruits, vegetables and clean meals. For me, I find being strict and feeding my body what it needs and not what it “wants” for a couple of days helps me feel better, stronger and more energized!

You might be wondering, what are Suja and Kombucha?

Suja, which means Long Beautiful Life, is a company that was created in San Diego and is becoming the fastest and growing cold pressed beverage company in the United States.  All of their juices are certified organic, non-GMO and Kosher, If you want to read more about this company check out their website and story here!

Kombucha contains organic acids, active enzymes, amino acids and polyphenol antioxidants, which improves digestion, immunity, joint function and helps the body cleanse. If you want to read more or check out their website, here. My favorite flavor is Guava Goddess J these juices have a very tart flavor and I find them very refreshing! They seem to wake up all my senses!

What are your favorite ways to hop back on the healthy lifestyle wagon? 

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