Sunday, January 26, 2014


Last night I went to Sephora, posted a picture on my Instagram, @BeautyyPieBlog, and my followers wanted to see what was inside the bag! I cant explain how excited I am about this buy, I've been wanting these three products for quite sometime and was finally able to purchase it all. 

1. Clarins Eye Contour Balm: I've heard wonderful things about this eye balm. I was looking for one that wasn't very thick and would feel light on my eyes with no irritation. I am in my early twenties and experimenting with skincare products to discover what works best with my skin, and eye cream was one of the final products I needed to complete my regimen. Last night was the first time using it and I really enjoyed it! It was probably a mental thing for being so excited, but I thought the circles under my eyes looked lighter in the morning. ( I will write a review on this after I have properly used this product long enough to give a truthful review!)

2. Clinique Take the day off Cleansing Balm: The only thing I have to say about this product is WOW. I helped one of my roommates with a photography project where I was the model. I had to wear very heavy makeup (I'll attach the photo at the end of this post.) Normally, heavy makeup takes me awhile to remove it all, a total of face wipes, face wash, eye makeup remover etc. With this cleansing balm it took me less than 5 minutes to take it all off. I was speechless. I was also slightly hesitant on putting this on my face since I tend to break out easily, but it left absolutely no residue, and my skin felt great! If you want a full review let me know in the comments!! :) 

3. NAKED 3 Palette: This needs no explanation. I have heard many people express their concern with this palette because of the pinks before buying this, then in Sephora, two girls were standing next to me expressing their dislike for  the pink coloring. I want to let you all know, pink and rose golds are not something to be afraid of, it wont make you look like you have an eye infection (I've heard this concern, too.)  Pairing certain colors would really enhance every eye color. If you would like tutorials for this palette, let me know in the comments! 
I used this palette for my eye make up in the photo shoot project I mentioned above, and I was in love. 

Thank you for reading! Have any of you tried these products? Which Naked Palette is your favorite? 
Anna xx


  1. I absolutely LOVE the Naked 3 palette! Best palette of the three!

    Please check out my blog, just started it up yesterday! :)

  2. love that last picture! :) I should check out that cleanser! And I agree, rosegold is such a lovely color to work with! I love my Naked 3 palette!

    1. The cleanser is amazing! After using it for a few weeks it has quickly become my favorite! :)