Monday, November 18, 2013

Glam Glow Mud Mask (The Best Face Mask Ever!!)

Sorry it has taken me so long to review Glam Glow, I wanted to use it long enough to be able to give you all the best review possible.  This mud mask was created and founded by Glenn & Shannon Dellimore for Hollywood stars who are always in front of the camera. Just like the celebrities this beauty product has won many awards and has been named Number one Beauty Obsession with numerous Consumer Reviews raving on and on about Glam Glow Mud Mask.
 I am a huge fan of face masks and you could say I am addicted to the clean sensation they leave my skin with. I use different face masks on a daily basis depending on my daily activities whether I had a really hard sweaty workout or spent a decent amount of time in the sun or in the water. When I came across Glam Glow I was very skeptical at first and hesitant about spending an arm and a leg on a face mask. I kept telling myself I would buy it when I was confident it wouldn’t set me back financially (Remember, I am a broke college student.) After watching Youtube videos on repeat and reading reviews, I decided to cut back a week of groceries and bought it. Ooops. Actually, I take that Ooops back because it was totally worth it.
 Glam glow Mud mask makes your skin feel incredible. It comes in a small container and is a dark grey almost black color with chunks, which honestly look like leaves. Glam Glow contains enzymes which make your skin tingle when you apply it, don’t freak out that means it is working and cleaning out your pores! You want to keep it on 5-20 minutes, the closer to 20 minutes the better. When dried it is a light grey color and you are able to see the gunk that it pulls out of your pores. You rinse with warm water, pat dry and moisturize. Your skin will feel fresh, tight, glowing and extremely soft. After using this product for a few weeks you will be able to notice a more even skin tone and less breakouts. You might also experience a little bit of a breakout after the first few times using it because it’s pulling oils and dirt from deep down in the pores to the surface. After that initial breakout (which some people might not even experience) it will clear up quickly. I personally did experience a breakout but since then I haven’t had one, only the casual blemish. I do use it about three times a week as a mask and occasionally for a spot treatment. My skin tone has evened out, my skin has cleared up, acne scars are fading and I have a healthy glow without make up. I love this face mask!

If you use it I would love to hear what you think! Enjoy!


  1. From where did you buy it? And how much did you pay for it

    1. I bought it from sephora for about $70. I have looked on amazon and apparently you can buy it there for cheaper!